What Is a Teacher Leader?

What Is a Teacher Leader?

What Is a Teacher Leader?

Across New York, the roles and responsibilities of teacher leaders are diverse- they model, mentor, coach, observe, exchange information, and support their colleagues.

Through the $83 million Strengthening Teacher and Leader Effectiveness Grant program we have seen the impact that educator leadership in career ladder pathways can have on student achievement and educator effectiveness. The STLE grant serves over half a million students in 221 LEAs, impacting one-third of the State. We can imagine, teacher leaders inspiring transformative systems change for all students across New York State. And that’s the goal—to ensure that every student in every classroom and building across New York State has the opportunity to have great teachers and leaders.

As part of an effort to celebrate, promote, and sustain career ladder pathways statewide, NYSED requested that STLE grantees submit their perspectives on teacher leadership by answering the question “What is a teacher leader?”

The “What Is a Teacher Leader?” video was unveiled at the November 18, 2014 Board of Regents session to relay the impact that teacher leadership in career ladder pathways are having across the state through the support of STLE grants.

  • The Board of Regents Item can be found here for further information.
  • In addition, the slide deck from the Strengthening Teacher and Leader Effectiveness Board of Regents presentation can be found here.

To learn more about how to implement career ladder pathways in your LEA please visit the  Developing Sustainable Career Pathways and Leadership Roles section of the Engage-Envision-Elevate: From Initiatives to Systems toolkit.

In addition, to hear how Greece CSD implemented career ladder pathways to systemically address the elements of a strategically planned TLE continuum watch The Development of Career Pathways in the Greece Central School District. This six part video collection includes remarks from central office staff as well as teacher and principal leaders.