The Importance of Increasing Students’ Volume of Reading

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In the Common Core, students are challenged to read complex texts to build content knowledge, literacy skills, and academic vocabulary. Each NYS Grades 3–8 ELA module includes one or more “central” texts—complex texts that students work with in class and for homework, with support from the teacher and peers. It is important that all students have access to, and support with, reading text at the appropriate level of complexity for their grade level.

However, students also need a “volume of reading,” to enlarge their world, increase their vocabulary and foster fluency (including texts and books beyond school and classroom assignments). The more you read, the better you read. The better you read, the more you comprehend. The more you comprehend, the higher the achievement. This volume of reading helps students build important world knowledge and acquire additional vocabulary, both of which are critical for reading comprehension.

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