TASC Module 5, Workshop 14

student and teacher at computer

Workshop 14: Math Components – Developing increasingly complex skills set to analyze texts about Math and the Physical Sciences, Engineering, and Application of these Math and Sciences skills in a problem-solving test environment.

Lesson Plan 14

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In this workshop, instructors and students will discover how to use data and readings in the sciences to support the NGSS Conceptual Shifts. Instructors will know how to create classroom situations for applied math investigation in the sciences. Instructors will also know how to use writing activities in their classrooms to build students’ content knowledge and vocabulary in math and science. Similarly, instructors will have the tools to teach students how to answer constructed-response questions on the TASC mathematics and science subtest. Finally, instructors will learn the concept of interleaving and how it can improve performance on assessments like the TASC.

Workshop activities include getting students to ask questions about Math and Science topics; applying scientific readings to extended activities and rigorous classroom tasks ; helping students succeed on constructed response questions in Math and Science; using writing to draw out student thinking and forge connections.