TASC Module 5, Workshop 13

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Workshop 13: What are the Common Core instructional shifts in Math and Science? How do we see the instructional shifts reflected in sample assessment questions?

Lesson Plan 13

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In this workshop, instructors will develop their understanding of the six Common Core Instructional Shifts in Mathematics and will learn the rationale and research base behind these instructional shifts. Instructors will also learn how to implement the instructional shifts in their classrooms and how sample assessment questions relate to the six instructional shifts. This workshop will also allow instructors to know how the instructional shifts impact the teaching of science. They will learn how the instructional shifts came about in the wake of the TIMSS study, and its implications for teaching. Instructors will walk away with teaching strategies that help their students develop focus and coherence through rigorous lessons and problem-solving activities. Lastly, instructors will also be able to assess rigor on the TASC Readiness Assessment, and the will understand how teaching mathematics with applications to science can effectively prepare students for both subtests.

Workshop activities include a reviewing TIMSS Study as a Foundation for the Common Core instructional shifts in Mathematics; analyzing the six instructional shifts in Mathematics; analyzing rigor on the TASC Mathematics subtest; and  analyzing applied Mathematics on the TASC Science subtest.