TASC Module 5 - Strategies for Developing Common Core Skills: Math & Science

students enjoying working together

This last group, Module 5, provides a series of teacher workshops designed to guide teachers in experiencing direct application of the instructional shifts in the math and science/engineering standards.  Workshop 13 specifically addresses the CCSS Mathematics and NGSS shifts.  In Workshop 14, teachers participate in, and then deeply analyze, rigorous tasks involving the need for complex analysis of nonfiction texts in the context of mathematical and scientific disciplines.  They also investigate the interconnections between the math and science standards by discussing an interdisciplinary perspective.  Workshop 15 engages teachers in exercising background knowledge and the importance of evidence-based claims through science readings.  As with Module 3, the sample student lessons or problems included in Module 5 workshops are intended for teachers to explore and analyze during the workshops, but teachers are also highly encouraged to use those student components directly in their own classrooms.