TASC Module 4, Workshop 11

student with tutor in library

Workshop 11: Social Studies Components – Building/Activating background knowledge and analyzing World History and U.S. History texts, Civics and Government, Economics, and Geography readings, including identifying claims and evidence in a problem-solving test environment.

Lesson Plan 11

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Module 4, Workshop 11 provides a framework for integrating Common Core instructional shifts in Social Studies.  It provides lesson activities that are geared to improve students’ ability to cite textual information from both primary and secondary sources; determine central ideas; paraphrase and summarize information; apply information from prior knowledge and opinions.  This workshop provides the platform for building writing skills through integrating planning, editing, revising and writing techniques.

Workshop 11 activities focus on how to teach the claims and evidence based approach in the context of Social Studies texts; how students can organize claims, evidence, and reasoning using graphic organization, as well as how instructional staff can define and model close reading.