TASC Module 3, Workshop 9

students studying together outside on steps

Workshop 9: Reviewing the cross-cutting concepts involved in solving problems placed on students in TASC about disciplinary core ideas posed in the physical sciences, life sciences, earth & space sciences, and scientific & engineering practices, with a focus on coherent instruction involving questioning strategies in problem-solving classrooms.

Lesson Plan 09

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In this workshop, instructors will engage in analysis of science crosscutting concepts and practices. Students will also become familiar with crosscutting concepts while engaging in science practices exploring content needed for the TASC. Students will build content-knowledge related to plate tectonics and will analyze earthquake patterns and compare how they relate to plate boundaries. Finally, students will engage in data analysis about earthquakes.

Workshop activities include discussing the concept of crosscutting; identifying seismic patterns, and researching/analyzing earthquake data in real time.