TASC Module 3, Workshop 8

student at class on computer

Workshop 8: Continuing on unpacking the 8 standards of mathematical practice and depth of knowledge & cognitive complexity, with a focus on coherent instruction involving questioning strategies in problem-solving classrooms.

Lesson Plan 08

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This workshop will allow instructors to understand the components of a cognitively demanding mathematical task. Instructors will know how to use effective questioning strategies that promote the Standards for Mathematical Practice and Webb’s Depth of Knowledge. Instructors will also learn how to anticipate student responses and prepare for effective problem-solving activities. Similarly, instructors will know how to use student work as a resource for classroom instruction and how to encourage students to reflect on their own work and the work of their peers. Finally, instructors will become familiar with Webb’s DOK in mathematics, and use these levels in choosing effective math problems and lesson development.

Workshop activities include discovering cognitive complexity; using effective questions to support problem-solving and structuring class discussions of problem-solving activities.