TASC Module 3, Workshop 7

students in science lab

Workshop 7: Reviewing the 8 standards of mathematical practice and depth of knowledge & cognitive complexity, including selecting, creating, and using rich, rigorous mathematical tasks and concept-based lessons.

Lesson Plan 07

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This workshop allows instructors to become familiar with the Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice and how they apply to ABE/HSE instruction. Learn how to pose cognitively demanding tasks that build both perseverance and deep understanding of key mathematics topics, and use textbooks as jumping-off points for creating mathematically rich lessons that involve focused problem-solving activities, and to develop open-ended problems that ask students to think beyond the answer to a problem.

Lesson plan activities include unpacking the Standards for Mathematical practice; exploring Webb’s Depth of Knowledge; using open-ended problems in Mathematically rich tasks, and planning a lesson around open-ended problems.