TASC Module 1 - Effective Approaches to Common Core/TASC Instruction

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This module is intended for Adult Education instructors.  This collection of teacher professional development workshops intends to inform instructors of changes in the ABE/pre-HSE field in the context of national changes in education.  It engages them broadly in the considerations they will need to prepare for Common Core ELA and Mathematics (CCSS) and Next Generation Science and Engineering (NGSS) Standards implementation, and the implications of the instructions on their own professional practice, in their classrooms (Workshop 1).  It also builds awareness of the ways that technology can enhance and expand opportunities for students to engage in CCSS- and NGSS-aligned learning experiences (Workshop 2).  Finally, Workshop 3 is intended to serve as a train-the-trainer model, providing instructional guidance and professional reflection for the professional developers, themselves – those who will train, coach, and/or facilitate workshops for the teachers who are charged with implementing the CCSS and NGSS shifts and associated Queens TASC project materials in their adult education/pre-HSE classrooms.