Professional Development Turnkey Kit: Grades K-5 Math - Coherence and Special Topics - Session 9

Large Groups Working

Session 9

Problem Sets, Student Debrief, and Exit Ticket in A Story of Units

Time: 1 hour and 0 minutes


This session further examines the Student Debrief as a lesson component, including the Problem Set and Exit Ticket, in preparation to model, teach, and practice the instructional routines that will support implementation of A Story of Units, and to differentiate according to the needs of diverse learners and varied student populations in any given district, school, or classroom.

Resources Required

P-2 Debrief in Practice Presentation

P-2 Debrief in Practice Sequence and Roadmap

3-5 Debrief in Practice Presentation

3-5 Debrief in Practice Sequence and Roadmap