Professional Development Turnkey Kit: Grades 3-8 ELA for Teachers - Session 4

Four People Working

Session 4

Close Reading of Complex Text in the 3-8 Modules

Time: 90 minutes

Description: In this session, participants learn about text complexity and its impact on vocabulary development, analyze a video of a close reading lesson, and study close reading lessons for their specific grade level.

Resource Required

Download the files below individually or download a zip of all Session 5A files

Fac Guide 5A Close Reading of Complex Texts in the Modules

PPT Close Reading of Complex Texts in the Modules

  1. Appendix A pp 2-9
  2. Text Rendering Protocol CCSS Appendix A
  3. SAP version Shifts
  4. Connect Extend Challenge
  5. Model Lesson Analysis
  6. Close and Critical Reading_Pearson and Hiebert
  7. Participant Reflection Form