July 2013 NTI: Grades P-2 ELA Turnkey Kit: Skills Strand In Depth

NTI participants

Audience: Principals, Teachers, NTI Leaders


This kit provides the session-by-session look at the "Skills Strand In Depth" training module. This kit supports participants in beginning implementation of the Skills Strand of CKLA. It provides an in-depth look at lesson types and supports teachers in planning for a high-quality implementation. This kit also supports administrators in how to observe and support high-quality and high fidelity use of the lessons. (Sessions 1-3).

Sessions 4-6 of this kit help schools/teams consider the assessments built into the CKLA Skills Strand program, use of assessment data for grouping and placement, and managing grouping approaches given your school's needs and resources. The final Session of this kit (Session 7) supports schools in helping parents understand the adoption of CKLA and their role in supporting students.

Collectively, this kit contains approximately 16 hours of training. The key goals of this kit are to help participants:

  • Accurately identify the instructional and support materials (e.g., cards, posters) required for Skills strand implementation and will demonstrate use of support materials in ways that coincide with instructional lessons/pacing.
  • Articulate the assessment procedures and tools available in the CKLA Skills strand and will apply this knowledge to case studies, demonstrating initial placements consistent with the guidance given in CKLA and use of CKLA ongoing assessments to support a flexible grouping approach.
  • Demonstrate how CKLA Skills strand materials can be used to support a differentiated approach to Tier 1 instruction and will be able to describe how CKLA Skills materials could be incorporated into a multi-tiered approach to K–2 ELA instruction.
  • Identify the student learning goals that will be covered grade by grade (K–2) in the first 60 days of instruction, and the lesson types that will support this learning.