November 2013 NTI: Grades 9-12 ELA Turnkey Kit for Leaders and Coaches

Audience at Conference

Audience: Leaders and Coaches


  • Establish structures and systems that support a culture of professional risk taking.
  • Recognize effective and ineffective implementation of the curriculum materials.
  • Provide feedback that supports effective module implementation and adaptation.


Session 7B

Providing Feedback and Support
Time: 90 minutes

Using the evidence guides, participants will discuss common errors to expect when educators begin implementing this curriculum and learn the kinds of feedback and instruction that will support educator improvement. Participants will also discuss structures and systems to support the kind of professional risk taking necessary to changing instructional practice at the high school level.

Presentation: Providing Feedback and Support

PD Handouts: Providing Feedback and Support

Facilitators Guide: Providing Feedback and Support

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