Pre-Kindergarten-Grade 5 Mathematics: Curriculum Map and Guiding Documents

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A Story of Units provides a clearly sequenced and comprehensive educational program. Coupled with effective and replicable professional development, A Story of Units provides New York teachers with the knowledge and tools necessary to implement the important instructional shifts required by the CCLS.

The Curriculum Map and Overview (visual overview of year-long curriculum overview) A Story of Units provides teachers with a clear picture of the modules at each grade level from Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 5. The following are detailed for each grade level:  a summary of the year, the rationale for the module sequence, the major emphasis clusters, and an alignment chart which provides the length of each module and the associated standards.

How to Implement A Story of Units, provides additional information on how teachers can implement this currciulum in their classrooms. It introduces teachers to A Story of Units and it delineates the Common Core approach to mathematics, assessment, differentiating instruction, and mathematical models. The lesson structure utilized in A Story of Units which encompasses all three aspects of rigor is also detailed. 

The CCLS Checklist for A Story of Units includes grade-level charts providing an at-a-glance view of when each standard is addressed. Note that, for grades K–5, standards included in clusters designated as Major Emphases by the New York State Education Department are followed by an asterisk (*). In grades 3–5, all standards designated as "May-June" on the New York State Education Department Pre-Post Math Standards document, are indicated by a plus sign (+).

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