Overview of the New York State English as a Second Language Achievement Test (NYSESLAT)

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Updated for the Spring 2018 administration of NYSESLAT

The NYSESLAT is designed to annually assess the English language proficiency of all English Language Learners (ELLs) enrolled in Grades K–12. It is a component of the State’s compliance with federal laws that mandate annually assessing and monitoring the English Language proficiency progress of all ELLs.

Rather than preparing a lengthy webinar to prepare an overview of the NYSESLAT, we have divided the information into smaller "webinettes." In conjunction with the other resources found on EngageNY, these webinettes can be used to help align instruction to the administration of the NYSESLAT.

Webinette 1: Welcome to the NYSESLAT “Webinette” Series

Webinette 2: Overview of the NYSESLAT

Webinette 3: New York State Learning Standards, Progressions, and Linguistic Demands

Webinette 4: Targets of Measurement and Performance Level Descriptions

Webinette 5: Global Themes, Text Complexity, and Academic Language

Webinette 6: Kindergarten NYSESLAT

Webinette 7: Grades 1-12 NYSESLAT

Webinette 8: NYSESLAT Resources

See below for a one-page graphical representation of the structure of the NYSESLAT for Grades 1-12.

Following the Spring 2015 administration of the NYSESLAT, NYSED collected feedback from educators throughout the State about how to improve the assessment. Feedback was compiled, reviewed and, when appropriate, incorporated into the 2016 NYSESLAT. The NYSESLAT Enhancement document below lists the the changes that have been made to the assessment based on the valuable feedback that was received.