October 2014 NTI: Grades 6-12 Mathematics Turnkey Kit for Principals

Presentation at NTI

Supporting Change in the Secondary Mathematics Classroom 

Principals, Administrators, Network Teams

Sequence of Sessions

Overarching Objectives of this October 2014 Network Team Institute

  • Participants will be able to identify, practice, and use best instructional moves and scaffolds for chosen common core standards. 

High-Level Purpose of this Session

  • Participants will examine the use of the Switch framework as a guide for achieving change in mathematics instruction.
  • Participants will examine a protocol that teachers can use to develop a cycle of plan → teach → assess → analyze  in order to develop extended interventions for students in grades 6-9.

Related Learning Experiences

  • This session is part of a sequence of sessions designed for principals and other school leaders.  Earlier sessions (available on EngageNY.org) have examined scaffolding to support student learning and the development of instant and extended interventions.
  • The planning protocol described in this session is more fully illustrated and practiced in The Number System:  Crafting Teaching Sequences for Extended Interventions for Grades 6-9,  a related learning experiences for teachers.

Session 1: Collaborate and illuminate best practices for implementation of the math modules

Session 2: Guided practice to analyze student work from Grade 8, Module 7. Small group collaboration to develop teaching sequences for intervention

Session 3: Collaborate to refine plans for implementation of the math modules and to develop site-based strategic plans for professional development

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