New York State Bilingual Common Core Initiative

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New York State Bilingual Common Core Initiative 

Beginning in Spring 2012, NYSED launched the Bilingual Common Core Initiative to develop new English as a Second Language and Native Language Arts Standards aligned to the Common Core.  As a result of extensive research and a three year process, NYSED has developed two sets of resources known as New Language Arts Progressions (NLAP) and Home Language Arts Progressions (HLAP) for every NYS Common Core Learning Standard (CCLS) in every grade. The NLAP and HLAP provide a framework for teachers to ensure that students in English as a New Language and Bilingual Education programs are meeting the CCLS. The Progressions include five levels of language proficiency and demonstrate a trajectory of language learning and teaching.

Statements of support from some of the Initiative’s National Advisory Group members

(Sue Pimientel, Kenji Hakuta, Guadalupe Valdes, Yvonne Freeman)

Complete list of the members and their bios

Complete list of NYS Steering Committee members

Complete list of Bilingual Common Core Writing Team

New Terminology
New Language Arts Progressions Formerly English as a Second Language Learning Standards
Home Language Arts Progressions Formerly Native Language Arts Learning Standards
Why the Change?
Terminology is reflective of NYS’s multilingual student population and diverse ways in with languages are learned and taught in NYS. New levels align with research about stages of language and literacy development. See Theoretical Foundations document for more information.


Theoretical Foundations of the NYS Bilingual Common Core

Developed in consultation with a New York State Steering Committee and a National Advisory Group of ELL experts, this document details the research and theory that underlies NYS's theory of language development that guides the Initiative's New and Home Language Arts Progressions. 

Teacher’s Guide to Implement the Bilingual Common Core Progressions

This document explains the New Language and Home Language Arts Progressions, breaking down each component and explaining how teachers can apply the resources in their classrooms.

2014-15 Bilingual Common Core Progressions

Standards 1-11 for prekindergarten through grade 12 are available from the following ZIP Files: