October 2012 NTI: Overview and Agenda

Commissioner John King with participants at NTI

The October 2012 Network Team Training was a Teacher and Principal Calibration event.

Teacher Evaluation

The Novice Group will continue to deepen their understanding of the rubrics and the skills needed to accurately assess teacher practice. Alignment and representativeness will be the focus of the work on the first day in preparation for the second calibration assessment.

The Intermediate Group will deepen their work in supporting evaluators in the field by providing feedback and promoting the skills needed for professional conversations between evaluators and teachers for the purpose of professional growth. It is important for participants to complete a second calibration assessment to continue the process of attaining and maintaining inter-rater reliability. Inter-rater reliability is a process rather than an event. The novice and intermediate participant groups have experienced one base line calibration assessment; on-going calibration of observer skills is critical in determining an evaluator’s degree of reliability in assessing teacher practice over time.

Principal Evaluation 

This session will engage participants in the formative processes of assessing principal practice. Participants will examine artifacts that represent evidence at different points of a school year, will assess the artifacts against the principal performance rubrics, and will develop necessary next steps to move practice forward based upon the data and the standards. Participants will complete a calibration assessment on Day 2.

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