May 2014 NTI: Grades K-2 ELA Turnkey Kit for Principals and Teachers - Session 5

Group working

Session 5

Supporting Diverse Learners: Case Studies


This session is designed to help participants consider end of the year data (their data or sample data provided) to create a lesson play reflecting the ideas introduced in previous training sessions of this learning module. Participants will devise a lesson plan that addresses the students’ content needs (using data and pulling on lessons from the A&R guide) and will create a plan that also reflects specific accommodations that should be present within the lesson (drawing upon the ideas of UDL and ELL-specific strategies discussed to date). Principals will have a chance to engage in these lesson plans and script their feedback and observations using a structured protocol.

Resources Required

Presentation: Supporting Diverse Learners: Case Studies

Facilitator's Guide: Supporting Diverse Learners: Case Studies

Handouts: Supporting Diverse Learners: Case Studies (Zip file)

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