May 2014 NTI: Grades K-2 ELA Turnkey Kit for Principals and Teachers - Session 1

Group discussing

Session 1

Reaching Every Student


Participants will examine a case study describing a teachers’ implementation of a CKLA lesson. This case study is a built from observations made in schools with high ELL populations. Participants will examine this case study and consider what shifts the teacher made to the lesson, which of these shifts strike them as ‘allowable’ and how to use this case as a means of distinguishing between accommodations to lesson (allowed) and modifications to lessons (not encouraged). We will debrief this by discussing specific needs of varied learners and linking these needs to the model of UDL.

Resources Required

Presentation: Reaching Every Student

Facilitator's Guide: Reaching Every Student

Handouts: Reaching Every Student (Zip file)

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