May 2014 NTI: Grades K-2 ELA Turnkey Kit for Principals and Teachers

Audience at conference

Audience: Principals, Teachers, NTI Leaders


This module is designed to support high-quality implementation of CKLA. The focus will be on understanding ways CKLA materials can accommodate diverse learners, with an emphasis on strategies, tools and resources for ELLs and children with high-incidence disabilities (e.g., language-related disabilities). All participants will become grounded (or re-grounded) in UDL as a framework for considering accommodations to CKLA lessons. Teachers, teacher ambassadors, and Network Team members will examine case studies and videos for patterns of lesson accommodations and will gain hands on practice in planning for lesson accommodations, using resources within CKLA (e.g., the A&R guide). Principals will also examine case studies and videos with a focus on recognizing “non-negotiable” of lesson implementation, as well as recognizing allowable accommodations.