May 2014 NTI: Grades 6-9 Math Turnkey Kit for Principals - Session 1

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Session 1

Differentiation in A Story of Ratios and Functions


This session introduces a major theme of the two-day conference: Implementation that accommodates the needs of various subgroups without making modifications that compromise the integrity of the coherence, rigor or focus built into A Story of Ratios and Functions. A shared text that includes specific examples of accommodation strategies for various subgroups grounds discussion. This session provides a foundation for collecting evidence of differentiation from classroom observation transcripts included in the following sessions, as well as developing feedback to coach teachers.

Resources Required

Implementation in a Transition Year


In triads participants discuss their experience with beginning implementation through a series of 3 reflective questions. Using the questions as tools for reflection, they identify and share needs, successes and possible next steps within their small groups. Participants may choose to incorporate the artifacts from work sites they brought for homework (e.g., math journals, photos, etc.) into this portion of the session. After work in small groups, the discussion becomes more open-ended and opens to the whole group. The session closes with an idea exchange in which participants share their artifacts of success with the whole group.

Resources Required

  • There are no prepared materials for this session.  See notes in Facilitator’s Guide.
  • Participants may choose to bring and share artifacts of “success” from their school

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