March 2012 NTI: Day 1 Materials

Women with computers July 2012

Principal Evaluation Materials 

NTI March 12, 2012 Day 1 Opening Session TLE

NTI March 12, 2012 Powerpoint Day Long Session

NYSED APPR Amendment Statute March 2012
Participants should read (or be familiar with) pg. 20-21 of the statute

Educational Leadership Policy Standards 2008 (ISLLC)
Participants should be familiar with Standard 1

Principal Rubrics
Please bring a copy of your chosen rubric to the training – copies will not be provided by the presenters. The followins list of rubrics will be discussed at the training:

  • Discovery Rubric
  • Marshall Principal Rubric
  • Marzano Principal Rubric
  • McRel Principal Rubric
  • Multidimensional Principal Performance Rubric
  • Reeves Principal Rubric

The rubrics are available on the NYSED website at: Teacher and Principal Practice Rubrics

Downloadable Resources

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