July 2014 NTI: Grades K-2 ELA Turnkey Kit for Teachers

NTI participants


Teachers, NTI Leaders


This Turnkey Kit orients participants to the CKLA K-2 program — the research-base and rationale for its design as well as the structure and critical instructional features of the Listening and Learning strand and Skills strand. This kit also helps schools/teams consider the assessments built into the CKLA Skills Strand program, use of assessment data for grouping and placement, and managing grouping approaches given a school’s needs and resources.

The key goals of this kit are to help participants:

  • begin use of the Listening and Learning strand with quality and fidelity
  • begin planning for a high-quality implementation of different lesson types within the Skills strand
  • articulate the assessment procedures and tools available in the CKLA Skills strand and apply this knowledge to case studies, demonstrating initial placements consistent with the guidance given in CKLA and use of CKLA ongoing assessments to support a flexible grouping approach
  • demonstrate how CKLA Skills strand materials can be used to support a differentiated approach to Tier 1 instruction and describe how CKLA Skills materials could be incorporated into a multi-tiered approach to K–2 ELA instruction

Collectively, this kit contains approximately 10 hours of training.