July 2014 NTI: Grades K-2 ELA: Non-CK Adopters

NTI participants

Day 1

Morning Presentation: Literacy Shifts in Content Areas: P-2

Afternoon Presentation: Text-Dependent Questions in the Early Grades

Session 1: Literacy Shifts in P‐2 and the Three Pillar Model

Participants will review what the Literacy Shifts mean in the Content  Areas as well as ELA for P‐2 and how that connects to the required  elements of a solid foundation in literacy. 

Session 2: Processing Shifts and Linking Standards to Content

Participants will Review the Shifts to understand the implications for  instruction in the early grades; and deep dive into the Standards for  Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science and Technical Subjects to  better understand how to create blended and rigorous learning  experiences for students who cannot yet read.

Session 3:  Text Dependent Questions When Students are Not  Proficient Readers

What this looks like with rigor

Session 4: Text Dependent Questions in the Common Core: Doing it  Ourselves

  • The Basal Reading Project
  • The Read Aloud Project 

Day 2

Presentation: Read Aloud Project

Session 5: Read Aloud Project: Getting Started and Qualitative Analysis

  • Overview of the Basal Alignment Project 
  • Overview of the Three Pillars 
  • Introduction to the Read Aloud Project for Early Elementary Grades 
  • Conducting a Qualitative Analysis of Text 

Session 6: Read Aloud Project Big Ideas

Session 7: Read Aloud Project: Text Dependent Questioning 

  • The Spider and The Fly: Text Dependent Questions, Activities and  Tasks 
  • Academic Vocabulary and Read Alouds 

Session 8: Read Aloud Project: Making it Work and Facilitating Change‐ 

  • How teachers develop lesson plans for Read Alouds of rich text 
  • Turn Keying the Read Aloud Project 

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