July 2013 NTI: Grades 3-8 ELA Turnkey Kit - Session 6A

Large Group Discussion

Session 6A

Writing in the 3-8 ELA Modules


Learn about the different types of writing required by the Common Core standards and how they are intentionally integrated throughout the modules in a balanced manner by examining a unit calendar from the modules. They will learn the practices and protocols embedded in the modules that they will be using with students to promote the development of high-quality Common Core aligned writing from the modules.

Resources Required

Download the files below individually or download a zip of all Session 6A files

Fac Guide 6A Strengthening Writing through Student-Engaged Assessment

PPT Strengthening Writing through Student-Engaged Assessment

  1. Writing Instruction in NYS ELA Modules
  2. SNAP Protocol
  3. Text Rendering Protocol-CCSS Appendix A
  4. Argument Writing
  5. Informational Explanatory Writing
  6. Narrative Writing
  7. Writing Sort Task Card
  8. Models, Critique, and Descriptive Feedback
  9. Participant Reflection Form