July 2013 NTI: Grades 3-8 ELA Turnkey Kit - Session 1B

Conference Presentation

Session 1B

Building a Staircase of Complexity


Dive deeply into the modules and updated 3-8 curriculum maps to examine the staircase of complexity (standards, texts, and assessments) across individual grade levels and grade level bands to collaboratively develop a holistic view of the modules as a sequenced curriculum.

Resources Required

Download the files below individually or download a zip of all Session 1B files

Fac Guide 1B Building a Staircase of Complexity

PPT Building a Staircase of Complexity

  1.  Norms for Collaboration 
  2.  Written Conversation Protocol
  3.  Written conversation protocol Note Catcher
  4.  4As Protocol
  5.  Case Study of a Standard Task Card and Note Catcher
  6.  Participant Reflection Form