HSE Social Studies: Lesson Plan 4

students working together in library

The lesson focuses on reading strategies for different text types, asking students to consider the different ways that information can be organized and expressed, depending on the author’s purpose, and the reading strategies that are most useful for various types.  Students first free-write about their own recreational reading and discuss the hallmarks of various genres.  Then, students work in groups to decipher a collection of graphs that provide information about a) various aspects of Native American life and b) the effects of frequent silent reading. Each group presents their graph to the rest of the class and instructs them on how to understand it.  The lesson then moves to Sherman Alexie’s essay “Superman and Me,” which describes the effects of reading on him as a Native American who was not expected to succeed in school.  A group discussion leads students to practice making inferences about what Alexie is saying, and to reflect on Alexie’s message about the value of reading.

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