HSE Math: Unit 8

students studying together in library

Developing Algebraic Reasoning Through Visual Patterns (lesson)

At the core of this unit is the fact that algebra is far more interesting than just solving for x. By working through the two lessons in this unit, students are able to see algebra as a tool based on patterns and relationships. The first lesson introduces patterns and then models a scaffolded approach to using visual patterns to make observations and create generalizations that lead to linear functions. The second lesson takes a more open approach focused on problem-posing where students themselves use their observations to ask and explore different aspects of the visual pattern. Both lessons can be repeated and easily adapted to be used with other visual patterns. To support this, the unit also has a sample progression of visual patterns that teachers can use over the course of a semester as well as recommended additional resources. Even more can be found in the supplemental materials found in the Resources for Teaching HSE Math section.

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