HSE Math: Resources

happy group of students sitting at a table

The resources here are divided up into Books/Articles and Web Resources. Use the chart to get a sense of how each resource might best support your work. Any resource that is marked “About Teaching” is focused on both the art and the craft of teaching. “About Math Content” are resources for teachers who are interested in deepening their own content knowledge of mathematics. “Problems” are resources that have quality tasks and activities that can be used with adult education math students. Any resource in any of those three categories could be used for professional development, but the resources marked “Professional Development” are ones that have specific activities and discussion questions for teachers to do and talk about together. Included after the chart are additional web resources that have been vetted for the adult numeracy classroom.

N.B. To support teachers who are using the math framework in their classes, we have created the CUNY HSE Math Curriculum Framework: Supplemental Materials. The supplemental materials are an ever growing list of activities and resources for each unit. These resources can help extend the units in the framework as well as provide additional support and practice to students wherever they need it. They are also a way to keep things fresh if you have students for more than one semester.

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