December 2014 NTI: Participant Led Sessions - 9-12 ELA Curriculum Adaptations: Meeting the Needs of All Students

High school student

Led by: Christian Zwahlen, Rochester City School District, Grade 9 ELA teacher, highlighted teacher in EngageNY Video Project


Participants will learn planning scaffolds in ELA for struggling students.


As the secondary English Language Arts modules continue to be released, built out, refined, and updated, more and more teachers are implementing the curriculum throughout the state. How might these modules be adapted in order to meet the needs of struggling students? And what should teachers consider as they create scaffolds to support the success of all students with the new curriculum?  In this session, educators will consider what motivates struggling students and how these considerations can be included when adapting the modules. We will also work collaboratively to study a model lesson and apply our learning to our own respective classrooms, building in scaffolds and adaptations so that all students can be successful with a rigorous curriculum.


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