December 2014 NTI: Participant Led Sessions - 6-12 Math Instructional Strategies for all Students

High school student

Led by: The William Floyd School District’s (WFSD) Universal Accelerated Mathematics Program


Participants will learn real-time, in the moment decision making strategies to differentiate math lessons for struggling learners.Participants will learn planning scaffolds in math for students with disabilities.


Participants will receive an overview of the WFSD’s Universal Accelerated Mathematics Program including a presentation of following data: Student performance (5 years); Student participation (5 years).  The overview will describe the program structure and supports for teachers, students and parents.  Participants will be presented with instructional strategies including support with making “real time, in the moment decisions to differentiate lessons” and scaffolds which are specifically designed for the struggling Math students’ success.  The presentation will conclude with a description of the district’s plans to integrate the curriculum with science and technology to enhance the teaching of mathematics.

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