Critical Decisions within Student Learning Objectives (SLOs): Target Setting Models


This webinar will address one of the critical decisions that need to be made with regard to SLOs, with a particular focus on exploring a variety of target setting models and how they can be used to align with district/BOCES, building/program and/or course goals.  This webinar is meant to build upon the experiences and reflections gained from the 2012-13 school year and provide districts/BOCES with additional frames of reference, specifically around target setting, as they work to enhance implementation of SLOs in the 2013-14 school year.

In particular, this webinar will explore five target setting models:

  • Individual Growth Targets
  • Class-wide Minimum Rigor
  • Class-wide Growth to Mastery
  • Banded/Range-based
  • Half to 100/Close the Gap

 In this webinar you will:

  • Examine HEDI criteria that align with the target setting models.
  • Revisit considerations when setting targets.
  • Examine outcomes based on various target-setting models.

 Helpful resources associated with this webinar: