Common Core Video Series: Common Core in Mathematics, Shifts 2-6


This is a 32-minute video which features a discussion between NYS Commissioner of Education John B. King Jr., David Coleman (contributing author to the Common Core) and Kate Gerson (a Sr. Fellow with the Regents Research Fund) addressing Math Shifts 2-6. By unpacking these shifts, the discussion addresses ways in which teacher and student skill can develop into deep understanding and facility through an increased attention to coherence across grades, fluency in basic functions, and real world application. After watching this video, educators might ask themselves: What are the Shifts in Math? What does it demand? Where should we begin? What are the implications for our school/ department/ district as we implement Shift s 2-6? What will this mean we have to change about our practice? What challenges will we face as we make these shifts? What can we do about the need for student fluencies? How could our school/district have fun with fluency work? What can we, as adults, do to ensure our own deep understanding of the focus areas in order to become better educators? What will it take for us and our students to own these concepts? Participants may also want to organize themselves into cross-grade teams to discuss which concept they can connect across grades this year and align instruction so that there is explicit and thoughtful instruction across the years. Science practitioners, in particular, may want to explore whether their current curriculum is at all guilty of what David calls, “the unnatural suppression of Math in Science.” To what extent can Math be re-introduced to the Science classroom and in what ways can Math and Science teachers partner so that Science teachers can depend on, inform, and build on Math skills that are essential for high performing Science students? A worksheet to accompany this video is available in both Word and PDF below.

This is just one way of conducting professional development around this video. We encourage you to use this opportunity to share your ideas and experiences. Please contribute to the discussion by telling us how YOU have used these videos! Which discussion questions did you find sparked the most collaboration amongst educators? What professional learning experiences did you design around the viewing? We want to hear from you so that educators across the state can benefit from your experience!

Shifts 2-6 Worksheet in Word

Shifts 2-6 Worksheet in PDF