Common Core Video Series: Common Core in ELA/ Literacy, Shift 2 6-12 Building Knowledge in the Disciplines


This is an 8 minute video which features a discussion between NYS Commissioner of Education John B. King Jr., David Coleman (contributing author to the Common Core) and Kate Gerson (a Sr. Fellow with the Regents Research Fund) addressing Shift 2 – 6-12: Building Knowledge in the Disciplines. By unpacking Shift 2, the discussion addresses the role of the content area teachers in secondary contexts as well as the benefits of giving literary non-fiction the time it deserves in the secondary ELA classroom. After watching this video, educators might ask themselves: What is Shift 2? What does it demand? What are the implications for our school/ department/ district as we implement Shift 2? What will this mean we have to change about our practice? What challenges will we face as we make this shift? A worksheet to accompany this video is available in both Word and PDF below.

Participants might also work together to select informational texts for a single unit, ensuring that these texts both challenge students with grade level complexity as modeled in Appendix B of the CCSS, but also “teach” new ideas, concepts, or ways of making an argument. By approaching this task with creativity and a sense of fun, educators may discover new ways to select texts which not only challenge the reader, but also invite him/her into the content.

This is just one way of conducting professional development around this video. We encourage you to use this opportunity to share your ideas and experiences. Please contribute to the discussion by telling us how YOU have used these videos! Which discussion questions did you find sparked the most collaboration amongst educators? What professional learning experiences did you design around the viewing? We want to hear from you so that educators across the state can benefit from your experience!