Assessments in Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR)


Assessments in APPR rev Feb 2014 revised recording on 10 22 14

This school year represents the second full year of implementation. Just as with any process, taking the time to reflect on decisions made, lessons learned, and goals yet to be obtained can lead to a leveraged moment to refine and enhance the work. The Department has developed this webinar to encourage collaborative conversations about assessments within APPR at the local level. There are many ways for districts and BOCES to reduce the number of assessments they are using in their APPR plans, subject to collective bargaining decisions. Reflective conversations can help develop a shared vision for how to use this process to support high-quality professional development and ultimately improve student achievement. 

Please note that this webinar is meant to provide examples of district/BOCES decisions. Districts and BOCES, within the context of State Regulations and frameworks, should locally determine the most appropriate assessments within the APPR system after analyzing their unique priorities and needs. The Regents and the Department will continue to look for ways to reduce testing that is not needed without sacrificing the valuable information assessments provide.

Additional tools associated with the webinar that you may find helpful are as follows: