Algebra II Module 2

Student in classroom

Module 2 builds on students’ previous work with units and with functions from Algebra I, and with trigonometric ratios and circles from high school Geometry. The heart of the module is the study of precise definitions of sine and cosine (as well as tangent and the co-functions) using transformational geometry from high school Geometry. This precision leads to a discussion of a mathematically natural unit of rotational measure, a radian, and students begin to build fluency with the values of the trigonometric functions in terms of radians. Students graph sinusoidal and other trigonometric functions, and use the graphs to help in modeling and discovering properties of trigonometric functions. The study of the properties culminates in the proof of the Pythagorean identity and other trigonometric identities.

The student materials consist of the student pages for each lesson in Module 2.  

The copy ready materials are a collection of the module assessments, lesson exit tickets and fluency exercises from the teacher materials.

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Common Core Learning Standards

CCLS State Standard
F.IF.7.e Graph exponential and logarithmic functions, showing intercepts and end behavior, and trigonometric...
F.TF.1 Understand radian measure of an angle as the length of the arc on the unit circle subtended by the...
F.TF.2 Explain how the unit circle in the coordinate plane enables the extension of trigonometric...

Curriculum Map