Resources for Closeout of 2016-17 APPR

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The following resources are available below in the Downloadable Resources section.

Staff Evaluation Data Reporting for the 2016-17 School Year under Education Law §3012-d

This slide deck outlines the reporting requirements under Education Law §3012-d, including the submission of transition scores and ratings. 

Reporting Transition Scores and Ratings

This chart provides examples of Original and Transition Staff Evaluation data elements required under Education Law §3012-d aligned by component of the Annual Professional Performance Review plan.

2016-17 Staff Evaluation Data Template Examples

These examples illustrate the submission of 2016-17 Staff Evaluation data for Original and Transition scores and ratings under Education Law §3012-d.

Memo: APPR Data Collection and Reporting Timelines and Requirements

This memorandum provides an update on the following: 1. 2016-17 APPR Implementation Certification Form; 2. APPR data collection and reporting timelines and requirements; 3. APPR review and approval processes for 2017-18 school year material changes.

Memo: Annual Professional Performance Review Data Submission and Certification Deadlines for the 2016-17 School Year

This memorandum provides continuing information regarding several APPR data collection and reporting deadlines. A Frequently Asked Questions document has been created surrounding common questions about the data submission and the Statement of Confirmation of 2016-17 Staff Evaluation Rating Verification Report and has been included for your reference. The submission deadline for staff evaluation data is October 27, 2017*, and the deadline to submit the “Statement of Confirmation of 2016-17 Staff Evaluation Rating Verification Report” is November 17, 2017.

"Tips Webinar": Continuing Guidance on the October 27th APPR Data Submission Deadline for the 2016-17 School Year: Tips to Address Common Errors

This webinar is designed to provide helpful feedback to the field based on common issues we are seeing as districts/BOCES submit their APPR data for the October 27, 2017 deadline. Please note: Local level 1 data centers will require earlier due dates to allow sufficient time for processing. Several sample scenarios with illustrative data have been utilized to show appropriate steps in data submission.