Professional Development Turnkey Kit: Student Learning Objectives for Teachers - Session 2

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Session 2

A Deeper Look at Constructing SLOs

Time: 34 minutes

Description: The second webinar provides viewers with the following information:

1. The role Common Core plays in SLOs.

2. Key messages for SLOs.

3. The timeline for 5 key district-level SLO decisions.

4. Tools for district leaders to make the first 3 of their 5 key SLO decisions:

  • Assess and identify district-specific academic priorities and needs.
  • Identify who will have State-provided growth measures and who must have SLOs as “comparable growth measures.”
  • Determine district rules for how specific SLOs will get set.

Resources Required

Slides with speaker notes to accompany the second webinar

Decision 1 Resources: Assess and Identify District Priorities and Needs. 

New Paltz Educational Master Plan

New Paltz State of the District

Batavia City Schools Comprehensive District Education Plan

Decision 2 Resources: Who Needs an SLO for Growth Measurement?

Required SLOs: Reference Guide

Decision 3 Resources: How Will SLOs Get Set?

 Assessment Options for SLOs: Reference Guide

 Assessment Decision Chart for Growth and Locally Selected Measures