Professional Development Turnkey Kit: Student Learning Objectives for Principals - Session 4

Large Group Discussing

Session 4

Student Learning Objectives 102 for Principals: The 30% Rule for Principals

Time: 11 minutes

Description: This video explains how principals determine how many SLOs are required for them to meet the 30% rule.  Two sample SLOs are explained in detail: one for an elementary principal (Grade 2) and one for a high school principal.

Some high school principals may have SLOs due to the 30% rule:  Principals with 0-29% of students covered by State-provided growth measures must have SLOs for the other comparable measures subcomponent, as stated in Section D17 of the APPR Guidance document.

The New York State Education Department (NYSED) is committed to providing district leaders, teachers, and principals support as they develop and implement Student Learning Objectives (SLOs).  NYSED will host a new series of short videos that aim to provide targeted assistance to teachers and principals of various specialties as they develop SLOs.  Additional videos will be posted throughout the Fall. Each video will focus on key objectives, including the ability to:

1. Distinguish unique characteristics of the teaching assignment and its implications for the SLO development
2. Use three guiding questions to work through key decision points
3. Complete all 8 sections of the New York SLO template

Resources Required

Student Learning Objectives 102 for Principals

Training Principal SLO - K-2 Mathematics

Training Principal SLO - High School Regents