Professional Development Turnkey Kit: Kindergarten Math for Teachers - Session 1

Large Group Discussing

Session 1

Module Focus Grade K Module 1

Time: 3 hours and 0 minutes


Module Focus sessions examine the development of mathematical concepts within each module, including opportunities to use the Progressions documents to build understanding of coherence across the grades and to engage with lesson materials as both students and teachers.

Resources Required

Module Focus Kindergarten Presentation

Module Focus Kindergarten Sequence and Roadmap

Handout 2 Kindergarten Counting and Cardinality Progression

Handout 3 Kindergarten Lesson 9

Handout 4 Kindergarten Lesson 14

Handout 5 Kindergarten Lesson 25

Handout 6 Kindergarten Lesson 27

Handout 7 Kindergarten Lesson 32