Professional Development Turnkey Kit: Grades P-2 ELA for Teachers & Principals - Module 2

NTI participants

The Listening and Learning Strand in Depth

This training orients participants to the Listening and Learning strand and provides a deep look at the lesson structure and critical instructional features. It is designed to prepare participants to begin use of the Listening and Learning strand with quality and fidelity. It involves 3 sessions and approximately 5 hours of training.

Resources Required

Listening and Learning Turnkey Kit

Webinar: Planning for Success within the Listening and Learning Strand

Domain Planning Template

Using Listening and Learning Strand - Demonstration and Practice

Quality Implementation - Supporting All Learners in the Listening and Learning Strand

Supporting the teacher interaction with text: Understanding complexity

Supporting students’ interaction with text: GLSs and Questions

Teacher-child interactions and supporting all learners

Video of Implementation: Kindergarten

Video of Implementation: Second Grade