Professional Development Turnkey Kit: Grades P-2 ELA for Teachers & Principals - Module 1b


Getting Started with PreK CKLA

This training module is designed to help participants ‘get started’ implementing the CKLA-Preschool program. The training helps participants become familiar with the three parts of the CKLA-Preschool program: Starting the Day, Skills Small Groups, and Listening and Learning. This module builds participants’ understanding of the various routines, instructional techniques, and materials involved in these curricular components. This training was originally designed as a 2-day training and includes 8 sessions and approximately 10 hours of training.

Resources Required

PreK Overview Webinar: Preparing Children for Reading Success: Core Knowledge Language Arts for Preschool

Overview of CKLA-Preschool

Language Stimulation and Support Strategies

Starting the Day and Routines

Small Group Skills

Listening and Learning

Reading Support to Promote Language and Vocabulary

Additional Features