Professional Development Turnkey Kit: Grades 3-8 ELA for Principals - Session 6

Man Giving Speech

Session 6

Growth Producing Feedback

Time: 90 minutes                                                            

Description: In this session, participants observe a video of a module lesson and practice collecting the evidence of Common Core aligned instructional practices. In this session, participants work together to determine the effectiveness of the implementation they just observed in the lesson, and craft feedback that promotes growth and change in teacher practice. Instructional leaders identify how their feedback to teachers will be changed going forward.  

Resources Required

Download the files below individually or download a zip of all Session 5B files

Fac Guide 5B Supporting Module Implementation-Feedback

PPT Supporting Module Implementation-Feedback

  1. Impact of Mindsets
  2. Instructional Practice Evidence Guide ELA 3-5
  3. Instructional Practice Evidence Guide ELA 6-12
  4. Praise Question Suggest Protocol for Growth-Producing Feedback
  5. Sample_Growth_Producing Feedback
  6. Participant Reflection Form