July 2013 NTI Turnkey Kit: Adapt or Adopt in ELA

NTI July 2013 Participants

Audience: Principals /Superintendents/District Leaders

Overarching Objectives

  • Participants will learn the necessary processes, skills, and considerations to adapt the currently developed curriculum, while still ensuring Common Core alignment and rigor.
  • Participants will learn to make informed choices regarding the decision to adapt or adopt the ELA P-12 curriculum.

Session 1 Description

  • Understand the publisher's criteria
  • Use the Tri-State Rubric to determine the quality of lessons
  • Understand the complexities and challenges with adapting the curriculum

Resources Required

Facilitator's Guide


Publisher's criteria (K-2, 3-12)

ELA 3-12 Tristate

Sample Lessons:

Downloadable Resources

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