Professional Development for Principals

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Professional Development Kits for Principal Training

About these professional development kits:
These kits were built for the professional development of school/building leaders as they develop their skills and abilities in the implementation of the Common Core State Standards. They can be used by school/building leaders (alone or in groups) to guide their own development in this work; they can also be used to deliver formal or informal learning experiences for teachers.

New York State Metrics & Expectations: 2013-2014

Adapting or Adopting the Common Core ELA and Mathematics Curriculum

Adapt or Adopt in Mathematics: Support for Districts & Schools on Curriculum Decision Making

Adapt or Adopt in ELA: Support for Districts & Schools on Curriculum Decision Making

Getting Started with Common Core Curriculum

Mathematics PreK-5

Mathematics 6-12

English Language Arts PreK-2

English Language Arts 3-8

English Language Arts 9-12

Teacher Coaching

Teaching is the Core

Common Core Shifts


Data Driven Practice: