Overview of the Engage-Envision-Elevate: From Initiatives to Systems Toolkit Webinar

Overview of Engage-Envision-Elevate Toolkit

Overview of Engage Envision Elevate Toolkit

As we reflect on the past few years of the Strengthening Teacher and Leader Effectiveness grant, it is clear that we have collectively engaged in work that has challenged and enhanced our thinking and approaches. Most importantly, this work changed how we address the needs of our students and of our educators. The Office of Teacher and Leader Effectiveness strives to facilitate the creation of communities of practice, knowing that for many, the best way to address challenges is with the assistance of others engaged in similar work. To that end, the toolkit is a compilation of information, tools, and tips shared with, and by grantees, at the July 2014 Convening “Engage-Envision-Elevate: From Initiatives to Systems”. This toolkit contains work from national experts, districts across the nation engaging in similar work, and most importantly tools and resources from our local districts.

Through this webinar you will have the opportunity to learn how to navigate the toolkit and the resources within each of the six topical areas. You will be able to view concrete examples of work from STLE districts and with these tools begin to develop a plan for your own classroom, school or district. We hope that the webinar will offer you a chance to reflect internally as a team and provide you with resources you can use to provide professional development, as well as provide you with concrete examples of the ways your colleagues have transitioned work done through the STLE grant from initiatives into comprehensive sustainable systems.

Additional resources that may be used in conjunction with this webinar are as follows: