October 2014 NTI: Grades K-5 Mathematics Turnkey Kit for Principals

Presentation at NTI

Math Instruction Across the Grade Band 

Principals, Administrators, Network Teams

Sequence of Sessions

Overarching Objectives of this October 2014 Network Team Institute

  • Participants will be able to identify, coach, and provide feedback to support best instructional moves and scaffolds for chosen common core standards.

High-Level Purpose of this Session

  • Participants will understand how to draw connections between the progression documents and the careful sequence of mathematical concepts that develop within each grade, thereby enabling them to support teachers as they enact cross-grade coherence in their classrooms.
  • Participants will be prepared to lead implementation of the modules within their schools and to identify appropriate instructional choices made to meet the needs of their students while maintaining the balance of rigor that is built into the curriculum.   

Related Learning Experiences

  • This session revisits some of the texts used in the early years of NTI as a tool to monitor our own progress over the past two years, recognize what we still want to work on, and to collaborate with colleagues to create concrete steps that may help us get there.

Session 1: Collaborate and illuminate best practices and refine site-based strategic plans. Use the Instructional Practice Guide (Student Achievement Partners) to synthesize and organize content in order to support teacher learning and practice.

Session 2: Learn how concepts and skills taught in A Story of Units (PK-5) lead students toward a profound understanding of the major work of grades K-2, additional and subtraction (concepts, skills, and problem solving)

Session 3: Learn how concepts and skills taught in A Story of Units (PK-5) lead students toward a profound understanding of the major work of grades 3-5, multiplication and division with whole numbers and fractions (concepts, skills, and problem solving)


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