November 2013 NTI: Prekindergarten ELA Turnkey Kit - Session 7

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Session 7

CKLA PreK Additional Features


Participants will become familiar with the additional features of Preschool CKLA that support instruction and learning. These include Take Home Materials & Pausing Point Activities, Assessment, Transitions& Center Management, and Learning Centers & Extension Activities. Participants will consider how these elements of the program provide flexible support for addressing children’s varied needs. Practice opportunities will be provided to participants for Assessments and Pausing Points. Small group routines and transition activities will be modeled during activity for this session, which will have participants working in small groups and rotating to learn about each of these program features.

Resources Required

Facilitator's Guide: Interactive Reading Support to Promote Language and Vocabulary FG

Presentation: Interactive Reading Support to Promote Language and Vocabulary PPT

Handouts: none

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